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Over 30 Years Experience

Nutritech Offers High-Quality Pet Vitamins and Supplements Since 1987

Nutritech is the developer of GeriZyme and Omegaderm-3 supplements. GeriZyme is our unique formula specifically designed to alleviate arthritis in pets by providing joint health support. Our Omega-3 and Omega-6 rich formula in Omegaderm-3 treats skin, nail, and hair problems and gives pets beautiful shiny coats. We are the leading provider of quality natural pet vitamins and supplements to licensed veterinarians, pet stores, zoos, and animal hospitals across the country for over 30 years. We believe in happier and healthier cats and dogs!

Over 30 Years Experience

Recommended by licensed veterinarian and animal hospitals throughout the country

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Nutritech Success Stories and Testimonials

We love to hear Nutritech success stories from the many people who use any and all of our products for their pets! Here are just a few comments from loyal customers and pet owners, some of which have been using these products for over 30 years!

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  • Love this product!
    Have been using it for several years for brittle coat (Borzoi). And the past year and a half for itchy skin, probably grass allergies with my Japanese Chin. Both have wonderful coats. Plus they love it in their food. We call it Magic Juice at our house.

    Janice R.

    Instantly fixed dull dry coat
    I bought this for my itchy puppy and also gave it to my older dog. I don't know if it helped the puppy, but it transformed my older dog's coat. The older dog is 11 yo, a cattle dog beagle mix. I'd been giving her fish oil, over the counter from Kroger, which did nothing. Omegaderm-3 gave noticeable results in 2 doses.

    Julie H.

    So grateful for this great product
    My son's fiancée has an Australian Shepherd and was losing her hair, and had extremely dry skin. After using Omegaderm-3 with Zinc for a week or two, the condition cleared up. Now, she has a beautiful coat and is not constantly biting and scratching herself. Love this stuff.

  • Very good product
    I show Cardigan Welsh Corgis and live in FL so have always looked for a product to help maintain a good quality coat - I found that product in Omegaderm-3. I have been feeding it for over a year now and love the results!


    Love Omegaderm-3
    We have a French Bulldog with mild atopic dermatitis. In other words dry skin. She had dandruff in her coat all the time. Her hair was coarse. So I tried Omegaderm-3. It’s been awesome!! The hair was noticeably softer after 3 weeks. Her dandruff is gone. Love this product!!

    Debbie O.

    Awesome Product
    We see a huge difference in our dogs! The dogs have very shiny and soft coats, and just look amazing and healthy. Most of all, after having trained 2000 miles this fall we only used only 5 booties. The rest have absolutely amazing healthy feet, no cracks, splits or dry pads. We love Omegaderm-3 and so do the dogs!

    Iditarod Racing Team

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